Latest Release, Nicky 8

We're seeing a lot of Nicky lately! 

I did actually worry at one point that my jokey "You want to come back regularly to be my slave" had been taken to heart, but no, she just really enjoys the experience of being hypnotized and getting to act and feel weird on a sofa for a couple of hours. Phew! 

Nicky's a super relaxed person when she's comfortable, and I think the fact I let her wear the world's baggiest hoody for the initial section probably helped her get extra comfy this time round. So much, in fact that the minute I mention mind control, she responds so naturally that I try out a "No-Induction Induction." seeing if I can have her eyes locking themselves shut just by suggesting that they're getting heavier... and heavier... that they can't help closing, and with a SNAP they can't open again. 

And it worked!

Anyone who's got good rapport with a regular subject will know this kind of thing isn't too unusual. A trance is a natural state, and once someone's become practiced enough at entering into it, someone can just say "Enter a trance" and they will. 

"Eyes stuck shut" and "Flirty / Dirty!" both worked very well, but the progressive blank suggestion that I tried only produced a temporary blankness, so I wondered if maybe we were only getting light depth, so followed up with a larger induction anyway. Nicky quite enjoys the ritual of lighting the candle and the incense, and that all helps set the scene, so revisiting those things for a more discrete relaxation section definite helps her drop deeper. 

Some great scenes here, even if many of them are in that bigass hoody. She does have that sexy bodysuit on underneath it at least!

Growing confused as every attempt to pose prettily leads to manly flexing...

Losing control as she finds herself automatically stating that good girls are obedient...

And lots of cute spacey mindlessness!

Current Completionists should now have a copy in their inboxes. 

Everyone else, she's now available as a reward on the Mesmerist tiers and above.

0:00:20 Nicky is back, and dressed as comfortably as can be!
0:02:15 Classic Movies to quarantine to…
0:03:20 SNES vs N64 Zelda
0:07:00 The No Induction Induction. (Helps that she’s practiced!)
0:08:00  Eyes locked shut…!?
0:08:50 And now she’s super sleepy.
0:10:30 Trying out a progressively blank suggestion…
0:11:50  Which works till I grab her attention
0:13:30 Flirty / DIRTY! (Feelings of attraction then revulsion)
0:16:30 Gremlins impressions
0:17:40 Actually… let’s do a full induction just in *case.*
0:27:35 Annoyed that she’s not been hypnotized yet
0:28:15 Mind OFF trigger
0:28:50 Posing like a mindless doll
0:30:00 Hypnosis is THBBBBB!
0:31:00 Switching her mind off whilst she denies it works
0:34:30 Lovestruck by the candle holder
0:35:30 Blank obedience
0:39:00 THBBBB Blind mice. THBBB Muskateers.
0:42:44 Compulsive liar
0:49:00 Getting the Giggles
0:51:00 Quick Break, Dropping a little deeper
0:54:00 Musical Striptease to sheer bodysuit
0:56:15 Sassy Dancing any time the music plays
0:58:30 Mindless in her Bodysuit, posed and puppetted
0:59:30 AutoPose Mindless NickyDoll Poses & Dances
1:04:35 Mindless Waving
1:06:30 Piratical Pirate Hat
1:10:35 CopyCat Pirate Hat
1:14:00 Outfit Change: Summer Dress
1:15:00 Can’t help posing like a body builder
1:17:00 Mindless Posing Properly
1:19:00 Orchestra Conductor
1:23:40 “Good Girls are Mindless and Obedient” (annoyed n fights)
1:26:00 Mind off mantra reciting
1:28:30 Resistant… but steadily loses control as she mantras
1:31:45 Mindless Kneeling Pendant Training
1:33:00 Frozen Flyaround
1:36:00 Mindless Footstool
1:38:00  Pendant too heavy to hold up
1:40:30 Sleepy Flyaround & Eye Check

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