Hi folks! 

Here's a few updates on what I've been up to:

1.)  Extrems released the official version of the "gbihf-xrgb.dol+cli" driver file, so I've updated all the Framemeister profiles to make use of it:


Note that RGB output from PAL consoles will most likely not work with 'high fidelity' GBI driver files. They are intended for and make use of the digital output port on original Gamecubes.

2.) I will be ordering the last of the parts I need to run the Super Grafx in perfect RGB quality. I didn't realize I needed a custom-made RGB cable for this mod, but quickly discovered during the process it wasn't going to work with your typical Genesis RGB cable. So retro-access will be getting another 50 bucks or so from me to make the new super-shielded cable.

3.) Still hard at work on the ultimate Genesis sound mod, which will include a special board for running both the YM2612 and the YM3438 at the same time with a flick of the switch for setting which one is active. The line amp part of the mod kit is finished, and I will be placing the order for fabrication also this week.

4.) Occasionally I've been asked to look into optimal timing profiling for oddball resolutions like 704x224 or 512x224. The OSSC has a finite limit on how much it will allow optimal timing for 240p content on the H-axis. I've tried and it just doesn't work out. But here's the thing: Square pixels on these oddball modes are going to make the overall game image so far out of 4:3 AR as to look ridiculous and unplayable. I mean, would you really want to play SNES games that use high-res text at double horizontal? Not me LOL! So for these special situations, just switch the OSSC's output mode for your lineXx choice to "Generic 4:3". It will show all the detail and keep the aspect ration reasonable.

5.) I've been meaning to do a let's play video on Japanese Contra, but every day I get a BUNCH of things I need to look into or take care of as people email me requests. I can't help but stop everything and try to help as best I can. So I'm going to try to get the video done this weekend, and then get back to OSSC goodness on the Super Grafx when the RGb cable gets here.

6.) Also been considering a complete video rundown of all the menus and features of the OSSC, sort of like a youtube version of Artemio's junker-HQ wiki on it. However, I'm not well versed on some of the 'rarely used' features, and so I will be getting tips and help from experts on those edge-case gems of the device.

Okay back to work for me.
All the best from FBX!