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Latin America: ¡Hola!
Hi all,

Today in the All Around This World weekly online class we start our journey around Latin America. Over the next three months we'll explore the music and cultures of South America, Central America and Mexico. 

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This Week We Meet Latin America

Latin America’s history is a grand narrative full of joy and heartache, one of great ambition fulfilled and vast potential unrealized, a past that includes both undeniable devastation and a consistent ability to face adversity upon adversity and live on. In our All Around This World classes we explore Latin America by taking a tour from the Southern tip of Chile up to Mexico then back down south to Brazil.... (All Around This World's main Latin America page. )

This week in class we'll be singing:

We sing "We Are Happy," a hello song from Uganda, to open every All Around This World class. This week  we greet each other in Spanish --  ¡ Hola! Though Spanish is the language we associate most with Latin America, over the course of our exploration we'll veer off the linguistic path and experience languages such as Quechua, Garifuna and Mixteca. 

"Las Mañanitas" is  well-known Spanish birthday song, usually sung to honor the birthday boy or girl before eating the cake.... (more )  

"A Canoa" is a Brazilian children’s song about a canoe that flips over because the child we’ve chosen to lead our expedition doesn’t know how to paddle. Life lesson: do not allow a toddler to be your captain.  (more )

  •  “La llave” means “the key.” All Around This World adapted this from a Spanish folk song called “Estrellita” which is about a girl finding the best occupation for herself, disliking all of them except the job of teacher....(more

“Este Torito” is traditional Mexican song, most often performed by mariachis, about a journey to town and a stubborn bull.... (more )

"Wan Boto" is a Caribbean drumming song, originally from Suriname, which is a small country on the Caribbean coast of South America. This is a song fisherman may sing to greet an incoming boat. (“One boat is coming with just one flag . . . .”)  (more )


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