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Latin America: Argentina (Tango)
Hi all,

This week in the All Around This World weekly online class we explore Argentina, starting where one must surely start in Argentina -- with the tango. 

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This Week We Visit Argentina

Argentina is a substantial, sprawling, naturally beautiful and deceptively culturally diverse country in southern South America that has emerged from decades of political and economic instability to be come one of Latin America’s most entrancing nations. Long before the Spanish arrived in the early 16th century to colonize the land we now know as Argentina, a number of indigenous peoples lived there, such as the Diaguita in the Andes mountains and the Guarani, who lived further south and east . . .” (All Around This World's main Argentina page.

This week in class we'll be singing:

“La Gucamaya,” is a son jarocho classic from Veracruz in Mexico, is much more than just any old Spanish song about a bird....  (more )

We sing "We Are Happy," a hello song from Uganda, to open every All Around This World class. This week we greet each other in Quichua  Santiagueño.

"Cachumbambe" is a Cuban kids song about a cachumbambe, a seesaw. In the original Cuban version Old Lady Ines is a hard-living, cigar-smoking grandma....  (more )

A pião is a top that spins “en la roda,” in a round space. In our "O Pião" we not only spin but we also fly and hop and swim.... (more )  

"La Luna" is a Spanish song about the moon found in several parts of Latin America that accompanies a game during which all the kids dance in a circle around one child who stands in the middle....  (more