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Latin America: Mexico (Aztec Dancing)
Hi all,

This week in the All Around This World weekly online class we explore Mexico, learning, with much respect, about spiritual Aztec dance. 

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This Week We Visit Mexico

Mexico! This week in music class All Around This World explores Mexico…and there are so many reasons to explore Mexico.  There’s sun and sand, archaeological sites and ancient cultures, there are bustling cities and sleepy villages, there are Zapatistas, there’s Mariachi music, there are tourist traps, there are Mariachi tourist traps…. What more could anyone want?  (All Around This World's main Mexico page. )

In class we'll be singing:

We sing "We Are Happy," a hello song from Uganda, to open every All Around This World class. This week we greet each other in Mixteca, one of the many indigenous peoples' languages still spoken in Mexico. 

"Los Pollitos" is a Spanish song about chickens pecking (pio! pio!) and about the mother hen who protects them.... (more )  

“Un Barco Chiquitito” is a Spanish song about a fantastic little boat that, not unlike our kids, is simply unable to stop moving.... (more )

“La Gucamaya,” a son jarocho classic from Veracruz in Mexico, is much more than just any old Spanish song about a bird.... (more )  

Mayan culture is so ancient that most Mayan music has been lost, but contemporary interpretations of potentially ancient melodies like the one used in this Mayan folk song still exist.... (more )

A Little More

In the United States, mariachi music  may be most familiar to those who only encounter it in Mexican “theme” cantinas, but in its original form, still vibrant in Mexico today, the music is a complex mixture of many Spanish, Native American and even African elements. Mariachi bands perform at public functions like weddings, ceremonies and funerals, and are always prepared to entertain. Get out of the restaurant, watch the extraordinary Mariachi Vargas in action  and you'll develop a new appreciation for the form.