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Latin America: Honduras (Punta)
Hi all,

This week in the All Around This World weekly online class we travel to Honduras and Belize where we meet the unique Afro-Caribbean culture of the Garifuna. 

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This Week We Visit Honduras

This week in music class All Around This World ventures to Honduras, a naturally beautiful and racially diverse Central American nation. We will admire Honduras for its musical and cultural traditions and hope to make it through class without a single abrupt transformation of power....  (All Around This World's main Honduras page. )

This week in class we'll be singing:

"Tambobambino," an Andean folk song, is a story of a little boy from the small town of Tambobamba in Southern Peru who foolishly walks outside in the rain carrying his charango (a little guitar-like instrument). What a foolish little boy! (more )

We sing "We Are Happy," a hello song from Uganda, to open every All Around This World class. This week we greet each other in Garifuna. 

"Cachumbambe" is a Cuban kids song about a seesaw. In the original Cuban version Old Lady Ines is a hard-living, cigar-smoking grandma....  (more )

 “La llave” means “the key.” All Around This World adapted this from a Spanish folk song called “Estrellita” which is about a girl finding the best occupation for herself, disliking all of them except the job of teacher.... (more

"Wan Boto" is a Caribbean drumming song, originally from Suriname, which is a small country on the Caribbean coast of South America. This is a song fisherman may sing to greet an incoming boat. (“One boat is coming with just one flag . . . .”) (more )

A Little More

The Garifuna are a distinct Afro-Caribbean group that originated in 1635 when a boat carrying African slaves shipwrecked off of the Caribbean island of St. Vincent. The survivors integrated into the Carib population and developed their own West African/Caribbean language and culture. A Garifuna drum ensamble, playing music known as “punta,” consists of three drums — the lead primera (“the heart drum,”) the segunda, which plays a counter-rhythm (“the shadow drum”) and and the tercera, which sets the foundation with a bass line. Contemporary Garifuna groups playing “punta rock,” a genre pioneered by “Pen” Cayetano and taken international by Andy Palacio and the Garifuna Collective, adding electric bass and  guitar. 

Watch this video to meet Andy Palacio and "Watina": 

Watch this video to meet the Labeha Drummers: