Latin-Latin Dictionaries
 When a student reaches a certain level of fluency it is a good idea to migrate to using a dictionary that is only in the target language.

If you cannot access a text listed below on google books, try searching for it on or on

Unfortunately, there is no modern Latino-Latinum dictionary currently in print that I am aware of,  although some of these scans below may now be available print-on-demand.

If you know of other Latin-Latin Dictionaries or Lexicons,  please drop a note in the comments section.

There are a few other useful dictionaries and lexicons - though most are for 'walled gardens' of vocabulary for specific subject areas or a particular corpus of work. 

 Calepinus - Latinae atque adeo etiam Graecae Linguae Dictionarium 

 Comenius: Lexicon Atriale Latino-Latinum 

Dolet - Commentariorum Linguae Latinae Vol 1 

Dolet - Commentariorum Linguae Latinae Vol 2 

 Formulae Latinarum Locutionum Illustriorum  by Stephano Doleto Gallo Aurelio has a selection of definitions and phrases. 

 Glossarium Eroticum Linguae Latinae 

Gradus ad Parnassum - not strictly a dictionary, but it gives synonyms and antonyms, so often enough detail to work out what a word means, assuming you already have a baseline vocabulary.

Hortulus Puerorum

 Lexicon Ciceronianum

Lexicon Technologiae Latinorum Rhetoricae

Perfectissimus Calepinus Parvus

Thesaurus Eroticus Linguae Latinae


Robert Étienne's Thesaurus

Gesner's Novus Thesaurus  

Forcellini's Totius Latinitatis Lexicon

Wagner's Lexicon Latinum