Latin Prizes
A goal of Latinum is to raise sufficient funds to be able to offer an international annual prize for Latin verse composition that will be open to anyone (Proposed Certamen Latinum Internationale).

There are currently a number of institutions offering prizes in Latin composition - but due to the decline in Classics education, these sometimes go unawarded, as there are no suitable submissions.

This  index is intended to (in time) become a comprehensive list of Latin Prizes for original composition in Latin. If you know of others, please drop a link or information about the prize in the comments section below. 



Contemporary Latin Poetry ( Marc Moscowitz, editor)

Ephemeris  (Herimannus Novocomensis, editor)

Melissa (Gaius Licoppus, editor)

Vates: The Journal of New Latin Poetry   (Mark Walker, editor) 


 Certamen Vaticanum

Opus Fundatum in Civitate Vaticana 

Certamen Capitolinum

Iztituto Nazionale di Studi Romani


Phaedrus Latin Contest

(New Saint Andrews College) Open to: Any High School Students (online entry) aged 13 to 18. First Prize: $500, Second Prize $300, Third Prize $200 


Ascanius Youth Classics Institute 

Open to: Students from kindergarten through to college.

Prize: a medal with a ribbon


Bowdoin Prizes

 Harvard University 

 Open to: students of the university 

$10,000  for an original essay in Classical Latin. 

$5,000  for the best translations into Classical Greek or Latin.


Certamen di poesia latina “Vittorio Tantucci”

 Academia Poeseos Italica 

Open to: 


Chancellor's Latin Prizes

Oxford University

 Open to: students of the university or graduates within 4 years of graduating.

Latin Verse Composition £250

Latin Prose Composition £250

Classical Reading Prize

 Cambridge University 

Open to: resident undergraduates of the university.

Value £100

Eta Sigma Pi


Open To:  students in classes in Greek and/or Latin in colleges and universities which have active chapters of Eta Sigma Phi 

 First prize  $100.00

 Second prize $75.00

 Third prize $50.00 

For the intermediate contests, 

First prize  $75.00 

Second prize $50.00 

Third prize $40.00 

Faculty Prize

Cambridge University

 Open to: resident undergraduates  the university 

Value: £60

Hardie Prize 

University of Edinburgh -   £400

 Open to: students of the university 

A number of prizes, to the total value of £400, are awarded annually to students in the Honours Latin class for: Latin prose composition and Latin verse composition.

Larmour Latin Prose Competition

Texas Tech University 

Open to: graduate students in the MA program.

Award: the amount varies.

Lauda Sion Prize

Holland Park School 

Open to: students at the school

Prize for Latin verse speaking.

Montage Butler Prize

Cambridge University

Open to: Any resident undergraduate

For Latin Hexameter Verse on a topic chosen annually.

Value: £400 (taken in books)

Nicholson Medal

University of Sydney

Open to: enrolled students.

Value: AUS $1,500 plus a medal

Richardson Prize

 Berkley University $500  

Open to: students of the university

for the best translation into classical Latin of a passage of English selected by the judge. 

Sir William Browne's Medal

Cambridge University

Open to: Any resident undergraduate

For: Latin poetry composition as described by the prize committee.

Value: A medal.

Queen's Medal

Winchester College

 Open to: students of the college

For Latin composition and Latin Speech.