Happy Monday! Today marks the start of a new journey, as the first video has been posted to my new channel. I'd like to preface the video by saying that this series of videos is intended to be honest. I find that the issue with a lot of vlogs is that we tend to receive a very filtered view of things. People often tend to over-glorify things. However, while I want to remain honest, I do believe that production standards can still remain prevalent. As of now, this series is being shot on a phone, eventually it will be shot on something much more viable in the future but I want to use this as an opportunity to build some consistency in my workflow, as well as improve my editing skills. I hope that you find the series to be enjoyable. Some of you may know that for a while, I was running this series on Snapchat, and it had around a 180 episode run before I cut the cord and decided to bring it to a different platform. So I guess this is a bit of a reboot. I hope everyone is off to a wonderful start in their week. Cheers!