Yep. We're going Patreon!

I'm not even sure that's grammatically correct, but here we are. 

When I launched Pull The Strings over at Pulp & Popcorn, I called it an experiment, and the entire time I've been doing it, I've been listening to you guys. There are still several more original commissions that I need to finish and send out, and you'll be reading those in July as we prepare for the first batch of Patreon commissions in August.

What I know for sure is (A) plenty of you were willing to pay, and I appreciate that, (B) plenty of you wanted another way to offer some support at a lower level, and (C) individual review sales are absolutely the future of how I plan to publish. I am very, very happy with the way that works so far, and I am only going to work harder to have more content available because you've shown up for it so far.

This Patreon page is ALSO going to be an experiment, and we'll fine tune it as we go. For now, though, I've created a number of tiers, and let me explain the way it's going to work in terms of publishing.

Each month, I'll be publishing at least four reviews. People who are enrolled at the $15 level or higher are going to help pick two of those titles via a poll. People at the $50 level or higher will be able to vote on the third of those four titles. And then the final one will be picked by me.

There may be more, though. There is a chance for people to sign up at a top-tier level and actually commission one film that is completely of their choice. If you only want to commission one title ever, then just do it for one month. But if you want to really make me dance, stay enrolled at that level for a while and you'll get to steer a big part of my movie year.

The point of all of this is to get out of the trap of the conventional way of doing things and kickstart my brain and your brains to think of movies in a broader way again. It's so easy to get marketed right into playing the game that the only stuff that matters is what's new and what's coming and what's hot, and that's all silly. I'll be adding all of the already-existent Pull The Strings reviews today, and then we'll be adding the rest of the reviews starting soon. 

Next week, you'll be able to read reviews for Hudson Hawk, Casablanca, The Quiet Man, My Man Godfrey, Electric Dreams, and Akira Kurosawa's haunting masterpiece Ikiru.

This week, I'll be posting the new lists that we'll be picking from, and I'll be detailing the process for you guys, and we'll see if anyone shows up.

As always, I'm prepared for this to implode completely if you've decided you've had enough of my nonsense.

But that's not what you've been telling me, and I'm excited to see if I'm hearing you correctly.

Thank you for taking the time to hear me out.