Launch To Discovery

I am very excited to announce that everything is progressing quickly with the podcast.  This week I was able to cast two of the major characters, which was critical for the writing process.  I cannot tell you how pleased I am to have John McClain of The Dog and Pony Show join us as the Main Character and Heather Auden of bothAtheist Apocalypse and You Are Here joining as well. 


The auditions were extremely competitive and it was very difficult to cast these roles and it's really a testament to both John and Heather's skills that they were selected--they beat out some amazingly talented people (who will most likely be heard from at some point during the first season).  


So a huge welcome and deserved congratulations to both John and Heather and my humble gratitude to everyone who submitted auditions for those two main roles.  Brian "The Man Of A Thousand Voices" Bristol, the Executive Director of You Are Here and the Executive Producer of Atheist Apocalypse has also brought his vocal talents to the cast and will also be Producing this show.  


As you can imagine, we are stoked to have such a talented crew and we will be casting more roles in the very near future. 


As far as an update on the show goes, the writing process is still on-going and coming along nicely.  We are very pleased with where were are in the story and some of the twists and turns that we've added in revision.  One of the neatest things about this first season will be the what we do for the fans; it will be unlike anything else being done in audio drama podcasting and will add some serious work on our end, but the concept is original and exciting and we cannot wait to share more about it.  Unfortunately for those of you who are contacting us via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram this injected twist means that we've had to push off the release date for the show but, we promise, in the end, it will be one of the neatest things to be done in audio drama podcasting.


But for now I must return these fingers to the keyboard.  There is a story to be told; there is something that must be found.  Thank you for taking the time to read the first blog on the page; we hope to have many more in the future, both as the show gets closer to launching and as we start hearing from you.  If you have a story that needs to be told, if you know of something lost which must be found, be sure to Contact Us.


You can help us greatly by becoming a Patron.  Support from fans like you will help us improve our sounds, pay our actors and promote the show so that others can find it, enjoy it and grow this community.  Please consider becoming a Patron, you control how much you donate per episode and you only pay when we release a show.



Paul Sating

Executive Director of Found