Well that's two days with no more than two or three hours of sleep, but it will be worth it tomorrow when everyone receives Part 1 of the Core Rules. Yeah. Part 1. I had a choice to make last night. I could have everything done but sloppy. Graduate courses are almost done, but life and work are kind of kicking my butt. So, to get the best possible product to you, I made a choice. Tomorrow, all patrons get access to the first third of the Core Rules. This includes character creation, equipment, and how to play. Time willing, that will also include a sweet character sheet to mess around with. Next week will be part 2, How to Run a Gnosis Game. This will include info on the world, setting options, DM guides, power groups, magic, and more to build the campaign you want. Finally, in two weeks, the final part goes out. You get the monsters. All the monsters. And NPCs. Angels. Boogeymen. Leviathans. Aliens. The whole kitchen sink. I really, really wanted to have everything done and ready at once, but I'd rather put out what is ready and good than to give a sloppy set of rules. Most of what I need to do involves artwork and writing out a few more entries. But I also have two graduate essays due this week. And grading. And a little girl I love but is fighting her own private Vietnam against naps. All good things come to those who wait. Part one tomorrow. Trust me. It will be worth it.