Launched & Tiers Finished
Hello everyone,

Last week we announced we'd be opening a gaming center in Phoenix and we're very happy about the response it's received so far.
As we proceed to take further steps to open up shop, we'll be giving updates here.

We've finished the tiers for now. If you have any suggestions of something you'd like to see as a reward let us know.

We also have already begun video recording vlog style the entire process of opening up starting on Tuesday, April 24th and will be releasing videos weekly Thursday, May 17th to the general public. This gives everyone an behind the scenes look and should be informational and entertaining.

All patrons will be able to view these vlogs here 2 days in advance on Tuesdays starting on Vlog 02.

Thanks for your support.

Frank "FrankCastleAZ" Harrelson
AZHP Gaming Founder/Owner