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Launching a lesbian’s lectionary journey
This week I’m beginning a project that, in the midst of planning a wedding, might be a squeench cray cray. So be it.

I’ve assigned myself the task of blogging through the Revised Common Lectionary. For normal, non-theologically nerdy people, that is the three year cycle of scripture that many pastors in churches of multiple denominations follow as they prepare their sermons each week. Now, there are plenty of lectionary commentaries out there, most of them far more intelligent than I will be capable of producing here. The absolute best place online to find legit commentaries can be found at The Text This Week.

What I intend to do is walk diligently with a collection of texts that many know as sacred and that I am struggling mightily to stay in love with. It’s sorta like a long term commitment to marriage counseling when the fire has died, but you are convinced that somewhere, deep down inside there is still a spark that can be ignited again if you just listen to each other, see each other, and be intentional about caring for your relationship. This is going to be a problematic task for many reasons.

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