Launching the USLBot
The /r/borrow website has been a participant in the universal scammer list (USL) to great success for a while now. The USL provides a method for various subreddits to collaborate in identifying mal-intentioned users and working to reduce the amount of harm they can do. It collects known scammer usernames from participating subreddits and then propagates them to other participating subreddits.

That means if a subreddit bans a user, who is in violation of not only the subs specific rules but the USLs rules, the user is banned on all participating subreddits.

The USL has been an invaluable partner to /r/borrow, in conjunction with both incredible moderator teams and the LoansBot.

Unfortunately, many weeks ago the old maintainer for the USL's bot stopped responding, and eventually the bot stopped running. The dedicated moderator team has been manually updating the list as best that they can, but this is far from an ideal solution.

Luckily, due to my experience with reddit bots and the robust wrappers that I've made since the LoansBot first started, I am confident I can help. 

So I'm adding a new goal - at $37/month ($20 more than we are currently at) the necessary infrastructure for a new USL bot will be funded. I'll get to work replacing /u/Guzbot3000 and stabilize the universal scammer list to help not only /r/borrow but all the participating subreddits.

If the universal scammer list means something to you, please contribute a few dollars a month so that it can stay alive. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, send me a message via reddit (/u/tjstretchalot) or email ([email protected]).