Lavender Wreath Embroidery Pattern
Hey, Embroiderers!!! 

Wanna sew my lavender wreath design? 


Thanks to the crafty genius of B. Zedan, an actual pattern and suggested stitches guide now exists of this experimental design I freehand sketched onto some fabric and then embroidered a couple months ago!

The PDF of instructions is attached to this post and below I'll share some close-up shots of my own stitches. My only request is that you donate at least $5 to Scarleteen before using it :)

Couple'a More Things:
-This is probably an Intermediate difficulty level project.
-Supplies you need to embroider.
-How to prepare your embroidery hoop.
-How to transfer your design to fabric.
-Stitch Guide (hold your cursor over the "Stitches" dropdown menu at the top to access ALL the stitches) and the stitches I specifically used are: Lazy Daisy, Chain, Stem, Split, and Satin.
-I used a variegated floss for the chain stitched leaves, that's why it shifts green hues all on its own, I wasn't doing anything special myself.

Stitches for you Badass Embroidery Bitches:

Stitch comparison diagram from my post in June, Evolving Stitches:


Ok! Hope you enjoy! And THANK YOU again B. Zedan for taking on the task of translating my work into an actual pattern, you are a fucking saint.