The Law - Cover for Issue 1
Earlier today I put up a finished page from "The Law." This was a comic I drew ten years ago but never inked or colored it. The cover I did about two years ago. The costumes inside the book are much different than those on the outside so as I'm going through the pages I'm updating the pages. 

Originally this comic was called "Heroes of the Code." I never liked the name and since this comic eventually has our heroes go from vigilantes to a legal police force (more like an international marshals organization) it seemed sensible to call this comic "The Law." 

The main characters are:

1. Uriel: Leader/Strategist

2. Ring Master: Architect/Inventor

3. White Jade: Mistress of White Light Energy

4. Amazing Woman: Mistress of Martial Arts

5. Segami: Mistress of Images

6. Lightening: Lightening Ninja

7. Nubarron: Walking Battle Tank 

Can you figure out who is who from the image?

This is a fun project. I'm working on "The Book of Plagues" most of the time, but I'm using this to help expand and improve some of the skills I want to use in the second part of "The Book of Plagues."

I only have one issue drawn of the Law but if people like it; who knows, it might be something I'll continue to work on around work.