LDB display in Bagnon for LDB: WoW Token

Many people use Bagnon, but not everyone notices that it can display data from data broker modules - meaning it can display token price and diffs from LDB: WoW Token.

First you'll need to check that "Enable databroker frame" is activated in Bagnon's options menu. From the Game Menu go Interface -> AddOns -> Bagnon -> Frame Settings -> Databroker Plugins. Note that this setting can be set separately for bags/bank/etc - you can select Bagnon frame in top section of this panel.

When it is enabled, you'll see LDB display area in lower left corner of bags/bank/etc frame - a space, with < and > arrows around it. Bagnon can only display one data broker and those arrows switch between them. If you have multiple installed, click on any of those arrow until you find LDB: WoW Token display.

See screenshot at the top for example.