LE+KA 2010 + 2009 update Update Preview
Hey ya'll

 Trust me I've been sketching alot lately trying to get back my mojo in design. I've got few decent result waiting to be cleaned up and shade so hang on tight, I promise to match a decent update through FEB. (Will have update in couples days again.)

 Moving on to this update, I decided to pick up an old work from 2009 & 2010 of my 2nd 'offical' original character that I have. I tend to sketch out different characters but most of them are just a part of design concept and much of them don't actually have background settings. So I only have 3 characters that I can claim as OC (original character).


- "LE+KA (LETKA)" <-- THIS is the one featured on this update.


 I guess the 3 characters survived my randomness on throwing out inconsistent ideas all the time. (But hey it's for the sake of design as I like to play with costumes and patterns rather than characters itself.)

 I also use them as a base design even while I work on Boss Concept (which they are not actually a part of the concept) as a cameo type deal, so I consider them as a universal characters that I'd feature on any concept that I might start in the future.

 The 2009 version is the very first attempt of visualizing LE+KA who was supposed to be evil sister of RANMARU. There's no real costume design here and frankly I wasn't too proud of it either at the time. 

 The 2010 version is one that I ditched the entire body suit and well kept the hair for the most part. I was also going through (attempting for a) style change aiming for simple line and rendering. (Frankly I admit it's a totally different character at this point...^-^;) I remember I was getting influenced by  Atsushi Ōkubo's work and tried to digest it in my own way rather than cloning him. (using the influence just as a trigger to change and variation rather than weighing towards it.)

 I've done a minor rework over the piece which you can compare with the Instagram teaser posting. (Included) The version with the shadow is the alternate take and the simple one without it shadow is the final version. (I guess it fits the simplicity of the minimal lines.) Sadly when I posted this on deviantART back in 09, it didn't recieve much love so I put it offline soon after so I bet my old followers might not have seen it before. However on recent teaser post on Instagram I figured it was well recieved and got me excited to re-visit my OC and post it up on Patreon. (As always with better alteration ofcourse.)

Lastly I'm really not too proud of 2009 version, so if you can please do not show them around. (God NO!! Infact I'd like to wipe out anything from and before 2009. hahaha)