Leading into the Queen Charlotte Islands
I was drawn up to the Queen Charlotte Islands after my brother Jackie and his family moved up there. I also loved the idea of following in Emily Carr's footsteps. We took a boat trip down to south Moresby. The boat was a very simple boat, around fourteen feet long I think. My brother Jackie is adventurous to say the least, but we took off and threw caution to the wind. When the water got too rough, we headed for shore and made camp on the shoreline. It was a fantastic  way to see the wild coastline because we could pull the boat up onto the shore easily. His son John was with us. I loved the beauty of the deep moss on the floor of the surrounding forests. Sometimes we would see human skulls with their faces covered in moss looking up at us as we explored the forest next to the shore. 

Sandspit is a nice enough place in it's own right, but I love the south Moresby region the best.  I guess I am always drawn to as remote a place as possible. 

I can't seem to put my fingers on some of the images of these paintings at the moment. But the watercolour painting shown above is very much in the style of that long series. I will try to find more. 

I really enjoyed each of my trips up there and it has been wonderful watching my brothers children grow up into amazing young adults, all of whom are doing well.... living on their own  now and having their own familys.

My next post will be where I discover colour and switch back to acrylic paintings on canvas.