Here's where it all falls apart for me, "dan these aren't leading lines at all! your ruse is at an end" I can see the comments now. I'm pretty sure these are leading lines, but I'd ask that nobody quote me there because they also probably aren't. It's somewhat heartening (in a weird way that doesn't actually help) to hear interviews with people who have been doing art for the majority of their lives still struggling with imposter syndrome.

Part of the reason I've taken so many pictures is because most often the cycle goes something like 1. Take bunch of pictures 2. Edit pictures 3. Post a few, usually in the evening after spending the day working around the house, looking for jobs, or going on a walk for the photos 4. Go to sleep 5. Wake up, oh no all my pictures I liked from yesterday became bad overnight! And then the cycle starts over again. I've been working on it, and I post more pictures that I'm not thrilled about, some of which end up being more successful than expected and others doing about as well as I would've guessed (the inverse of this also happens, my theory? I'm bad). Also, if you're coming here from Instagram thanks very much, I hope you've enjoyed the content and i hope you'll consider a contribution. Every bit helps.
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