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(£0.59) Every little helps! Your patronage is very much appreciated, and as well as getting access to the special patron-only feed, your name will be credited both on the website and in any printed versions of Vigor Mortis we produce.
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(£1.78) As well as a name credit and access to the patron-only feed, you’ll also get discounted admission to sessions of the Vigor Mortis LARP (and any of the other crazy live stuff related to the universe I happen to run) as well as first dibs on tickets for events with limited entry numbers.
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(£2.97) At this tier and above you’ll be able to ask the characters of Vigor Mortis questions, which I’ll then write an in-character reply to and Jennie will rustle up an accompanying sketch for.
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(£5.95) In addition to all the previous rewards, you will also get a 50% discount on any printed issues of Vigor Mortis we produce.
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(£8.92) As well as all the previous rewards, patrons at this level will receive a signed limited edition patron-only print once the first issue is completed as well as PDF versions of every Vigor Mortis comic we produce.
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(£11.90) In addition to everything else AND a miniature sketched portrait by Jennie, you will also be able to get behind the scenes of the design and creation of the Vigor Mortis tabletop roleplaying game. Patrons at this level will be privy to a secret dev diary, offering behind-the-scenes insights into both my terrible mind as well as Vigor Mortis lore that you won't find anywhere else. Opportunities for feedback, contributions and cameos will also flow freely, so get in here if you want be involved!
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