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'Leap' Chapter, New Chapter, and explanations
Heya folks!

Okay, a new chapter is about to land, but this time around I've run into some Patreon weirdness, so let me take a second to walk you through it.

All of you awesome people are supporting my writing, and the unit of measure that I settled on was 'Every 10,000 words', right?

Okay, so the problem with that is the way all of my chapters end up being OVER 10,000 words. I've been calling the accumulating pile of extra words the 'word bin', and showing you the total as we go along.

This time around, the new chapter plus the Word Bin adds up to more than 20,000 words, so, basically, that leads to me pressing the Support Me button twice even though I'm only posting one new chapter.

This feels weird.

I know that I'm not cheating you, and I hope you all know that too, but it still feels weird.

So I'm doing two posts here, in case anyone wants to stop payment on the 'extra' (though not really extra) charge.

I'll post again in a few minutes with the new chapter info, as usual.

As always, if anyone has any comments, questions or suggestions, please get in touch with me.

"Leap Chapter" (Mostly), plus the first bit of Harmony's Story (Ch 10)

Before this chapter (Loose words left over from last time):    8,900

This Chapter:                                                                               12,300                             Total:                                                                                            21,200

Patron Support Threshold Achieved!                                      -10,000

New total in the loose words Bin:                                            11,200