Learn Astrology Easily, Part 3 - Recognising how the planets work together
Part 3 of 5 from the 'Learn Astrology Easily' series. 


This series shows people with no knowledge astrology, how to create, navigate and learn to understand their birthchart quickly and simply.  

By the end of this session, you'll have a clearer understanding about how the planets within your birthchart relate to each other (ie: Sun conjunct Jupiter, Mars opposition Venus)

By the end of the whole course, you'll be able to identify which houses your natal planets were in at birth AND know which houses the transiting planets are going through.

These two skills alone will equip you to find out what this means to you, and help you plan your life in accordance with the cosmos. 

Other lessons within this series include:-

Part 1 - Create your birthchart in 10 minutes

Part 2 - Understanding the houses and the angles

Part 4 - Understanding the elements and quadruplicities

Part 5 - How to find and recognise transiting planets

I have to credit the amazing astro.com from which I encourage people interested in astrology to look at, though I am not affiliated with them. There are also many other places to go to to be able to draw up your chart easily.