Learn Japanese through the Lyrics of Zen-zen-zense (Your Name song)
Let's learn Japanese through the lyrics of Zen-zen-zense by RADWIMPS. 

Listen to their song first - https://youtu.be/PDSkFeMVNFs

This song is used in the most beautiful anime movie called "君の名は (kimi no na wa) / Your Name".

I explain the each grammar point and vocabulary used in this song.

~ Grammar points covered ~

★ "Boku" vs "Ore" vs "Watashi" as "I"

☆ "Anata" vs "Kimi" as "you"

★ ~のに = despite

☆ ~んだ / の

★ ~やしない

☆ ~かい? / ~だい?

And a lot more!!!

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