「Learn Japanese」 One Piece #732. "Lucy will return" (Anime Vocabulary)
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*Sorry if this reward isn't—well, rewarding enough for you. I'm not too much a fan of exclusivity when it comes to access to resources for education. This channel and project was started so that any given person with an internet connection could learn Japanese and be immersed a fair amount into the language and its culture, so I really don't want to have to offer things like extra videos or study text documents or private lessons to just patrons and deprive everyone else of the same content when I could be using the time put into all that to make free content for everyone and spread the knowledge as far as possible. As a result, the best I can really think of in terms of patron rewards is really simple things like early access to content and priority on the less substantial aspects such as the Q&A questions. All in all, no matter what, please just know that that you would go the extra length to support this project on a monetary level is deeply appreciated, so, truly, thank you very much!

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Depending on popularity, we may limit submissions to one request per month per patron. 

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