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I know how hard it is to find old posts on Patreon – so here is a list of everything of interest that I’ve posted on Patreon, organized by subject, with links that will take you straight to those posts. You can find it in the future on the Learning Modular Patreon home page, under Featured Tags. 

A few posts are available publicly; many are available for +1V/Octave supporters on up; all are available to +5V Gate & Trigger supporters. 

After seeing this, if you have suggestions on ways to better organize it, I’m all ears. Also, I should note that the older module videos tended to be broken down into smaller individual movies, while later ones tend to be consolidated into one or two longer movies – so don’t take the number of movies as an indicator of how deep the module is!

Module Tutorials:

NAMM Reports:

Superbooth Reports:

Techniques & Opinions:


“My New Gigging Case” Series:

Power Issues:

Synthesizer History:


other historical posts:

Patch & Tweak:

Oh, yeah – and:

Here’s an explanation of how I choose & arrange modules in my personal system, including an interview with DivKid Ben Wilson about my system. 

And, here's an interview I did with Darwin Grosse's Art + Music + Technology podcast where I talk a lot about learning, teaching, and developing modules.

Thank you again for your support!

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