Leave, I beg of you.
Cutting the brain in half and what do you get, answer defeated. Slice the night, loose the fight,  All is said, same old story. Repeating repentance,  some shout some whisper, I wander if welcomed is my entrance.

I can't do more, be more. 

In words I bury my figurative speech, my imaginary pain, the blockade long gone.

There are no more words.

Apathy. What is it, what I feel? Don't i know?

Trash? utter useless fucking trash? 

Lost in the wild, damned soul, no solution, fear path o mine. 

People dying, me sitting. 

Couldn't I just leave it all?  

Not to shout, no energy to do so. No need.

This is what I fear it is not.

Anything to declare? Letting go, are you? _ well, you shit speaking, wretched scum of humanity,  dumb bastard, cow murdering,  ugly little cock sucker, invisible hollow hallucination, you are guilty of existing, you miserable mistake, die now, and you will make everyone happier. 

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