Leave it as a memory
northeaston.ca myfavouritetragedy.com People are taking pictures of everything. So much so that they are losing the moments of experience. In my recent travels to New York City, I was hard pressed to see somebody not taking a picture of everything they saw. Even my youngest daughters had their ipods in their hands snapping away as much as they could. Don't get me wrong, I love a great photo. But sometimes, the moment that you are in should be left as a memory not as something someone else has taken. Its an interesting line that we walk on. Does that mean I will stop taking pictures? The short answer...no. But I will think before I do...is this something I should be a part of, or as a witness to. Leave it as a memory was written with the idea of living in the moments rather than saving them for someone else to hear about later. This is the first song of the year in my quest to write a song every week for 2015. Comments are welcome