"Leaves" on YouTube, in my inbox, and a winter Southwest tour!
Hey y'all,

I've done the thing! You know, the YouTube video thing. Yes, I am finally getting with the program and putting videos of myself playing music on the internet. It's all part of my grand plan to finally start doing this whole music/creativity thing full time. Full stop. Anyway, it's not the best video, but it's enough to put in emails to venues to prove that I'm not a bot and can carry a tune, so if y'all feel like clicking the link and helping get the view count up a bit (feel free to leave it playing in your browser a couple times), it surely couldn't hurt.

EVEN MORE EXCITING - there is a preliminary (SO preliminary) mix of "Leaves" in my inbox right now. It's got vocals, guitar, and an almost-complete drum track, and even though there's still lots more to add and fix, it's already becoming extremely representative of what this song has been sounding like in my head for the last few months. Working with Freejay (MacLoud) in the studio has been nothing short of fantastic - we work so well together, and he really *gets* what me and my music are all about. We're just going song by song right now - more on that below - but I could not be more excited about what we're creating together. 

On that note, I really, REALLY want to know what y'all think of the song, so look out for that in another patrons-only post, where I'll be posting the preliminary mix and soliciting your feedback/impact.

Finally - hoo boy, are things ever ramping up over here. I have a post in drafts that explains everything clearly, but for now I'll just give you one of the most rapidly-approaching punchline: in mid/late December, my dear friend and now-musical collaborator Laura Benson and I are driving out to California from Texas for the holidays. On our way, we'll be stopping to play music anywhere and everywhere we can, including a big send-off show in Austin. We're looking for places to play! So if you live anywhere between Austin and the Bay Area, by way of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, or Utah - or know any places we could play - or know someone who'd want to play with us - or know someone who would want to host a house concert in their home - comment here or get in touch! We're especially looking for venues in southern, mid- and northern California/Bay Area, around or from December 15th-28th. (Mateo, I've got my eye on you and Arcosanti, but you probably already knew that.) I'll be posting dates and locations here as soon as they're settled.

That's all for now - posting the recording of Leaves shortly. Greetings from Houston, TX, where we just put on a transformational theatre/storytelling workshop about local food this weekend, to inspiring and smashing success. It's a model for community building and issues awareness that we're going to be bringing to different cities, around different issues, a lot over the next few months/year. You'll certainly be hearing more about all that magic as well - assuming I can stop doing it long enough to write about it all!