Leaves On A Stream
My most popular track on YouTube with over 40 thousand plays.

Rather than "tuning out" from your thoughts, this 7-minute mindfulness practice invites you to "tune in" and watch your mind, gaining skills in allowing thoughts to come and go without buying into them. You will be guided to let go of judgement, worry or the need to engage in thinking and to simply sit back and observe with curiosity. 

This technique is particularly helpful for people that suffer with traumatic memories, flashbacks or compulsive thinking.

By being mindful, present and by observing your thoughts you can learn to see thoughts for what they truly are -- simply pictures and words. They can't hurt or control you. The best way to enjoy the benefits of mindfulness is simply to give it a go! 

The "leaves on a stream" visualisation is a very popular one for observing thoughts. If the image of a stream comes to you easily, that's great! If you have difficulty visualising, see if you can imagine black moving 'space' or a conveyor belt if that's easier.