LED Control Panel
Since the LEDs are now integrated with the D5RT.  I was thinking about adding a control panel that is in addition to the current functions.

At the moment, the LEDs are triggered by the start of a race and when a quad is detected as making a pass over the timer. Just a note, while I can integrate a control panel into the D5RT GUI without issue, LiveTime is a little harder because I don't have access to custom commands from LiveTime.  So for LiveTime, it would mean having a browser open to the LED control panel.  However, I'd like to add additional buttons for the race organizer to control the LEDs such as:

Basic static color buttons 

Buttons to flash the color of each node

Rainbow Animations


What I'm thinking is that organizers could use this to indicate things like status of the track, or to announce to viewers what the colors mean.  Solid red could mean the track is closed and no flying is allowed so pilots can retrieve their quads.  Would love to hear your thoughts.