Lee Camp and John F. O'Donnell show in NYC
Lee Camp has the rage of George Carlin and he is also a smarter dude. His show Redacted Tonight is my favorite comedy news show (Along with the Jimmy Dore Show. However, Redacted gives us news in a funny way and Jimmy Dore analyzes news in a funny way. Hard to compare the two.)

John F. O'Donnell, Lee Camp's co-writer and segment producer for Redacted Tonight, asked me to make this poster for the show this Sunday night!

If you like my work and want to check out the show, you should get tickets here. If you like poster, I know John F. O'Donnell has been printing up a few for sale at the shows (However, there is no guarantee that he will do that for this show.) So you could possibly go to the show and bring home this image *AND* have it signed by Lee Camp and John F. O'Donnell.

If you go, tell them I sent you.

I wish I could be there, too.