Leeds United 1-2 Derby County: Heads Switch
For an hour Leeds United were terrific, but for half an hour they were horrific, but we do not have to lose the terrific behind the heavy sigh, tongue click, but. The first hour happened, and we should acknowledge it, just as the last half hour happened, and we should acknowledge that. It was, after all, decisive.

If only Leeds had been as decisive when they were playing well. This would be a different report, written in a different mood, read by a different audience, had Leeds done what their first hour's performance deserved, and smacked the ball into Derby County's net two, three, four times. People say you should make hay while the sun shines, and while there's precious little sunlight on Hallowe'en, some friendly witch held back the moon long enough for us to have turned Tuesday night's glimmers into  Wednesday morning's diamonds. Leeds ran away from her. Perhaps they thought she was their own shadow. We'll come onto that scaredyness later.

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