Legacy Premier League - Group D Videos
Hey there! I'm still busying editing things and creating the news post for my website, but I wanted to already share the (still private) videos of Group D with you! It was finally time for me to jump into the action against Bob Huang, Rudy Briksza and Mack Doyle! 

M1: Julian Knab vs Rudy Briksza:

M2: Rudy Briksza vs Mack Doyle

M3: Bob Huang vs Rudy Briksza

M4: Julian Knab vs Mack Doyle

M5: Julian Knab vs Bob Huang

M6: Bob Huang vs Mack Doyle

Hope you're enjoying the matches as much as I did! :-) We're doing Wild Card Round Draws on very likely Monday, don't forget to tune in for that!
Thanks a lot for all of your support, guys & girls! You are amazing! 


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