The Legend of Jianawe Part 6
Jianawe did not kill Marimba, but ordered that he and his wives and their children must all leave the Kingdom of Jenga at once. He sent them to live far up in the mountains in solitude for the rest of their days. The generals and the villagers welcomed Jianawe with many feasts and celebrations, for their First Prince had been restored to them, and this was sure to foretell many years of peace and plenty. Prince Jianawe ascended to the throne and began his search for seven wives – one from each of the seven tribes of the Kingdom of Jenga.

For many years the Jengans were happy and wealthy. King Jianawe was a wise ruler and the people loved him well. But after seven years a terrible drought struck the land, and people from all over the kingdom went hungry or died of thirst. “What shall we do?” the people cried. “Our crops don’t grow and our cows give no milk! Surely we will all die!”