The Legend of Jianawe Part 8
Hearing this, Jianawe ordered his men to move up the hillside and make camp in the forest high above the riverbanks. The next day they began drumming and chanting a song that Jianawe remembered his mother used to sing. During the night the ground beneath their feet began to sag. By morning they were sitting and drumming in mud. They seemed to be much closer to the riverbank than they had been the day before. But Jianawe ordered that the men keep drumming. On the second night the water rose up to their ankles, but still Jianawe continued the song. As day followed night and night followed day, the men found the water level continuing to rise but Jianawe would not have them move. Finally on the seventh night, Vega visited Jianawe in a dream.

“Do not give yourself to the river goddess,” he warned. “For she is jealous and has always been jealous of my love for your mother. Go now to the gates of your kingdom and continue your song. For Pleah is curious and will have to bring her waters there to hear your playing. But do not enter the gates or she will overtake the whole kingdom. Wake and go now!”