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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (Blind) - Part 2 : Sir Salad Shooter
You know, there are several benefits to blind projects with solo, live commentary... One of the main ones is SEVERELY reduced production time! No waiting on commentators, no processing the video in multiple forms once the commentary is done, no trying things again and again for a challenge run... it is very different, and as a result, expect faster posts when it comes to this one!

This time around, we venture out into the great big world of... A Link Between Worlds, and we check out Kakariko Village! Goodness gracious this place has a ton more flavour to it than it had in A Link to the Past, and as a result... we stay awhile and listen. There are friends new and old to meet, and mini-games to participate in! Overall, it is a very good time.

Also, for those wondering about a certain other series... I am being stubborn about who I want for commentary on the remaining videos of Mario Sunshine, and we have just been cursed when it comes to all of us being available and ready to go at the same time. It will come when the curse lifts, the stars align, and recording happens successfully!

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