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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (Blind) - Part 3 : Discovering a Con Artist
You know what happens when I play a game for the first time? Distractions! This game is no exception... I had fully intended to head for the Eastern Palace right away so I could get a dungeon going in this here playthrough... but then a bee happened, and it all went south from there!

On the bright side, it let me go slightly better equipped, as well as just... discovering a couple more small things along the way. There was also the little hurdle of having to discover the rental system... Yeeeeah, this system kinda tipped me over the edge when it comes to Ravio, and ultimately, I really do NOT like the rental system as it adds a lot of unnecessary tedium that A Link to the Past handled better just by giving you a smaller maximum wallet size and BOTTLES.

I mean think about it... In most other Zelda games you would have the option as to whether or not you wanted to head back out of the dungeon to go buy potions and be ready to take on whatever took you out... in this game you pretty well HAVE to leave because you needed whatever garbage item Ravio has chained to your soul at the time, so there is not even an option to take a risk going back into the dungeon without grabbing a bit of extra insurance.

...It is a good thing this game is easy so death is not too much of a risk, right...?

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