Léger, part 1.
Hello, friends,

I'm writing a new serialised story, Léger (working title)I'd love to know if you'd like to hear this story developed as a podcast. Please click through to comment and let me know what you think.

Jenny x 



On the 24 September 2026, my partner of twenty-one years comes into my office. Without saying a word, he removes all of his clothes and does a handstand against the wall. “Look,” he says smiling. I stop typing and turn to see his naked body collapse in a heap, flaccid buttocks gaping in my direction. “Very nice Léger. Now put your clothes back on.” Léger rights himself and remains sitting on the floor for a moment before springing to his feet and slowly dressing. We go into the sitting room together and sit on the couch. Léger puts on the tv and scrolls through the channels looking for his favourite antique themed show, Hidden Treasures. “Where is it?” he asks. “You’ll find it. Just keep going,” I answer my voice soft.

We sit together for a while watching two men drive around the south-east finding the beautiful in discarded and abandoned junk. “Let’s go out,” Léger says. I know better than to argue and pick up my bag and coat. The seatbelt sits awkwardly across his body, and he tugs at it on the drive into town. “Sometimes, I still wish I could go home.” “I know,” I say.