LEGO LOTR ep 35 "Tastes Like Dinner"
"Mr. Frodo, do you even lift?"

As we come closer to the end of our run on LEGO Lord Of The Rings we

debate our next game, remember the first generation of memes, Frodo

trips out, we find fishing options in lava, glitches work in our favor,

reasons, Tolkin history lessons, puzzles make us contemplate, Gollum AND

the camera are JERKS, Sam destroys the entire game platform, the eye of

Sauron goes "boop", and after an epic run around and Eagle Express a

King is crowned.

There's also a fast-forward montage with weird breaks in the credits, pleading with the game for an epilogue, a spectacular view, and we pause the video here for our future final episode!

WARNING: NSFW language & swearing