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LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Build With No Legos - The Completionist Review
Welcome back and happy potential holiday weekend, everybody! Today we set sail with Jirard as he plays the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean game on Xbox 360 for this week's review! Check out his comments below before taking to the seas, mateys:

"I've dreamed of a pirate video game to play (Black Flag, I know, but shush) that has the adventure and the soundtrack of Pirates of the Caribbean. But apparently there isn't a lot of good Pirates of the Caribbean games out there. There's a lot of games, just... none of them good. That's why I'm hoping that LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean will rise above the rest. LEGO video games are have their faults but are full of slapstick, neat design, and a lot of collectibles.

The gameplay is pretty fun and the soundtrack is straight from the movie! Jack Sparrow actually has his grunts from Johnny Depp in the movie as well. LEGO Pirates was a very fun playthrough, and only having to go through 4 movies instead of 6 like when I play LEGO Star Wars is a nice bonus.

Let me know what you thought of my Lego Pirates of the Caribbean review! I'm excited to see the movie tonight. Man, I hope Dead Men Tell No Tales is good."