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LEGO Star Wars TFA Millennium Falcon Build
This week's offering is actually about 1,640 images. I wanted to experiment with a Time Lapse. To do this, I was forced to purchase this cool LEGO set. Oh, the horror!

I'd love to do more experiments like this in the future, and I'd love your help to do that!

So, I thought it would be fun to try out a time lapse of a LEGO build. A small project wouldn't be very fun, so I bought the TFA Falcon, about 1300 pieces. (Not as big as the old, massive Falcon, which I still totally want!) 

I shot this with my GoPro and set it to take a photo every ten seconds. I started this on May the Fourth and worked on it for about ten days, with some Star Warsy costume changes.

Music: The Planets, Op. 32 (Mars, the Bringer of War), Gustav Holst. Performed by the US Air Force Band. Downloaded from: 

I would like to try a stop motion idea, but with a small LEGO project.
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