Haven't had a chance to do much on it over the past few days due to work, have an odd day off here and there. I don't have much more to do with it to be completely honest.

Scene 1 is half coloured.
Scene 2 will literally take me 5 minutes to finish it just needs colouring.
Scene 3 isn't done yet but only requires a repeating walk cycle and maybe a drawing or two, should take maybe half a day at most.
Scene 4 needs colouring and I need to add 2/3 extra poses, I forget how many.

So progress is pretty good on this one so far, I need maybe one or two full days to get it chugged out and complete but again, work. I can work on it bit by bit before/after work but it depends how tired I am since I mostly work 5pm-midnight.

Considering joining a few animation maps or asking people to do collabs in the meantime, also trying to make my own original meme (something better this time since the last one requires knowledge of tweening which most of the community doesn't know very well)