Leipzig October 2017 to March 2018
Ok, let's try this project thing! 

In a few days I will be moving to Leipzig and I will be staying there for almost exactly 6 months. I am going to do some cityscape paintings of places in Leipzig. These all will be acrylic paint on canvas, 30x40cm. (and with quite a lot of abstaction)

I have set myself the task to finish one painting every two weeks. So that makes a series of 12 paintings in total. 

Want to support me and watch me struggle? Become a patreon! 

At the end of the six months the paintings will be for sale. € 80,- for non-patreons, € 55,- for those who have decided to support with 5 dollars or more per month! (excluding transportcosts). And Patreons get first pick of their favorite painting.

So let's go discover Leipzig!