Lena Oxton
Another Overwatch fanart. I have not decided where to put this one yet.

I am still cooking up more rewards for all levels. Stay tuned.

♥♥♥Thank you for all your support♥♥♥

PS: Patron's rewards will be released every first week of the month. You will get September's rewards by the first week of October.

I cannot thank you enough. Your support allows me to dedicate more time to make better products for us all. And I try to pack in as much as I can.

You guys are the best!!!

Best wishes,

Xia Taptara

Tier Benefits
Level 0: Entry
$1 or more per Term (1-2 Terms per month)
This entry level gets all the hi-res images and custom Photoshop brushes.  Once in a while you will get a drawing video tutorial depending on how busy I am.  And of course, you all get my love and appreciation.  Thank you for your pledges.
Level 1: Light
$3 or more per Term (1-2 Terms per month)
This is the most suitable choice for any beginner in drawing and digital painting.  You will get better faster with basic level exclusive video tutorials.  Thank you so much for your support.

Level 2: Medium
$5 or more per Term (1-2 Terms per month)
If you want more than basic level tutorials, this level is for you.  You will get both intermediate video tutorials and basic video tutorials.  This level we will focus on different types of character designs and creature designs.  It is time to level up a bit.
Level 3: Max
$10 or more per Term (1-2 Terms per month)
This is the best value for your investment.  This level we are focusing on putting illustration and/or environmental design. You get six or more exclusive video tutorials.  

You will also get two previously released video from my Gumroad store every term.  PM me which two you want to download. 

List of exclusive video tutorials can be found here  https://gumroad.com/xiataptara

Includes Discord rewards
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