Lenobia's Vow Chapter 1
“But just days ago she was laughing and singing. I heard her. I saw her!”

Yeah. And your point being...? People die. That's life. There's no point in crying about how they were so alive before. (I might come off as cruel, but I'm so sick of this "she was so alive!" trope.)

“Maman, où allons-nous?”

“In English! You know I loathe the sound of French,” her mother snapped.

Probably because that would require the Cast ladies to know more French than they know.

Then, in complete silence, Elizabeth dressed Lenobia carefully, layer upon layer: shift, pockets, panniers, under petticoat, over petticoat, stays, stomacher, and the lovely silk robe à la polonaise.

It looks like somebody read an article about 18th century clothing...

“His latest mistress, that opera singer, has almost bankrupted him. The King is paying handsomely for titled, virtuous daughters willing to marry the nobility of New Orleans.”

“The Baron sold his daughter?”

You are one of dozens of bastard children, yet you're somehow surprised that he would sell one daughter for the sake of a mistress?

Hand pressed against the expensive glass of the carriage window, Lenobia sobbed, watching her mother and her world fade into mist and memory.

Chapter 1 summary: Lenobia is the bastard daughter of a French Baron and an English farm girl. After her mom got pregnant, her father found her work around his estate... along with his legitimate children. 

Her entire life, Lenobia has been likened to her half sister, Cecile. Cecile, meanwhile, has died of the plague. Except that nobody knows about this death outside of the estate.

So, Lenobia's mom has a plan to dress Lenobia in Cecile's nicest dress, put her on a carriage, and then a boat that was scheduled to take Cecile to New Orleans. Her father is apparently bankrupt after funding one of his mistresses, so he's literally sold off his daughter. He sounds like a very swell man. 

After an ungodly amount of "goodbye! I love you!", Lenobia is put on the carriage and she leaves for the port.