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hey baes! 

i think one of the most humbling things about being a youtuber and on patreon is i'm required to push my creativity and make work consistently. i'm required to make something provocative, interesting, captivating and more than anything, something that both you and i  fuck with. 

being semi daily and being on youtube full time has led to some of the most amazing and validating experiences i've ever had: nominated for a shorty award, on the cover of youtube's first ever magazine , a velocity award alongside gigi gorgeous and tyler oakley

being semi daily and being on youtube full time has led to me reaching deep and producing some of my favorite videos i've ever made: how youtube forced me to keep my freedom , the entire lesbian reacts series , the entire note to self series  and so on.

i've grown expansively as an artist in the less than ten months that i've decided to take it seriously, move myself to LA and focus. that said, this is just the beginning. 

i have so many more mistakes to make. i have so much to learn as a storyteller. i still have to find my limits, but today i think i bumped into a real one:

to be honest yall, i'm not fully developing my stories before i give them to the world. they're half baked and it shows. 

now i've played around with small breaks here and there, but then pushed myself to release daily again. today - especially as youtube revenue is officially a thing of the past and patreon is my only life source - it's time to only give you all my good shit. 

so this may, i'd like to try something. i'd like to go from releasing my normal 24-30 videos in the month to 8. not 18. not 10. just eight. eight videos that range from funny to introspective to weird to raw. only four of which will be posted here, as usual.

this experiment in quality over quantity is only possible because of all of you. patreon again is the only way i can really make ends meet at this point (youtube gave up on us about 2 months back, ask around). so thank you for the immense support! one more time, thank you for the immense support! 

now get ready for the month of eight! 


p.s. the video i'm posting is a favorite of mine from this month. i should've posted it here when it went live, but didn't think it was worthy (something that happens often to me ). i didn't think it was patreon-worthy until a man that looked nothing like me (white, cis, straight, male) stopped me in the streets of new york and told me how incredible it was to hear someone put words to how he's felt for years. it's so wild to see my stories impact folks like this!