The countdown to Kickstarter launch is causing levels of anxiety that have inspired me to bake. Over the weekend, I made turkey pot pie. This evening, the scent wafting through the air is that of peanut butter banana bread. Not only have I finished my pre-Kickstarter to-do list, but I have eaten exceptionally well this week. 

I will admit to sky high levels of anxiety over this. Juggling multiple jobs to make one of them work has threatened worry wrinkles and caused adult acne. The reward rests with Saturday, when I can lay back and spend time in the sun. After teaching a collage class at the Pavilion, of course. 

However, I'm also looking forward to the thrill of chasing this goal and social events that come along with them. First Friday was the perfect launch day last year and I can't wait to repeat it tomorrow. Who's coming out?!

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