Less than magic
Sequels to older series are always dicey things. Even if you have an unbroken string of games, the newest installment always has to compare to its predecessors, and that's assuming that most of the staff hasn't stepped off to work on something else in the interim. At best, a new sequel to an old series is dusting off the concepts and bringing them forward; at worst, it's slapping a familiar name on a game and trying to pretend it's the same as it ever was. You know which one this is. The really sad part is that this is one of those games I kept going back to on the basis of "this can't be right." I kept wanting to realize that I was doing something wrong and if I just changed a couple things it'd be great. But no, the whole thing was just unfun the whole way through. It wasn't a good time, is my point. I'd recommend ignoring the game altogether. Except insofar as reading the article about it goes, you should totally do that.